LOVE eXpert (daw!)

LoVE is a many splendored thing! that’s what some people say, hehe!

This afternoon, I did a relief lesson for a colleague who’s away and I enjoyed the lesson with my students. Maybe because the topic’s so interesting, it’s all about “LOVE”. My students are at their curious stage in everything, so love is one of the things that’s making them chill most of the time! I’m not a love expert but they just kept asking so many questions to me…it turned out to be a very interesting discussion, because everybody’s giving their own opinion about L-O-V-E. Then there’s teasing around and it’s me that they’re teasing. How can I say so much thing when my love life is on a test??? I feel happy and bitter at the same time for reasons that’s hard to explain. But I’m still looking at the brighter side, I know time will come that the right person will approach and tell me that he just wanna be with me, because he can’t live without me and will never get tired of loving me!!! Oh chills, chills, chills!!! what a nice feeling! I wanna melt again when the right time come…when? we’ll know about it but not now!!!

I hope I’ll be able to apply all the advices that I gave my students to myself… I know I can do it!!! I’m STRONG ‘eh 😛

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