It’s a Monthly Thingy

I am really annoyed when I am receiving my period every month. Not that I don’t want to have but the side effects that I get is the one that really irritates me 🙁 It is always a challenge for every single women to surpass their monthly ordain without feeling unusual in their body.

From happy mood I will turn to an evil monster in just seconds of interval. Sometimes I feel pity with the people around me because they’re the one who suffers most of my evilish deeds. Normally I am very irritated with dirt, the moment I see unsorted things at home my blood will initially go on top of my head and be angry to whoever has done it. Also, I am most of the time very annoyed to Nestle! I just don’t like to see his face and I don’t want to hear him talk. Sometimes I want to put him inside a big bag and zip it then put him inside the closet! I know I am a bit extreme but that’s just me, I need to release the uneasiness I feel or else I’ll be a monster for the rest of the week.

I dunno how other girls cope up with their monthly period but I hope I’m not the only one experiencing this kind of extraordinary situation. Maybe, I should try some regimen to stay calm all the time or maybe I can try activities that could enhance mental and physical health. I am 26 now and I can feel the age within me. I have promised myself to grow old gracefully and will stay as pretty oh I’ll use the word lovely better 😛 in the years I’m gonna pass by 🙂

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  1. rhomalhynne
    February 12, 2009 at 6:05 pm

    parehas tau dear, ganyan din me… so dont worry… hindi lang ikaw ang ganyan…

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