Corazon Aquino (1933-2009)

Pres. Cory & her LABAN sign

A woman of courage, a housewife, the first Philippine female president, mother of Philippine democracy -that’s what Cory Aquino is.

Nestle & I were waiting to depart to Phnom Penh, Cambodia when we learned that Cory Aquino already passed away at 3am in the morning of August 1, 2009. I knew for a fact that our country has lost a great icon but the teachings and works she has done will forever live. Many Filipinos owe what they have now in life to the late President. When her husband Ninoy Aquino died in 1983, she stood up for her fellow countrymen and fought the Marcos regime. There she became the first female president of the Philippine Republic after the snap election in 1986. So many things she has done for the country, so many lives she has touched and so many people has loved her.

We thank you for the democracy that we are cherishing. We know that you are now in the hands of God and happily embraced by your beloved husband. We do hope that what you have fought for us will never be forgotten. We praise and adore you. Rest in Peace President Cory Aquino.

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