Udong Temple

family outing at Udong

It’s holiday for 4 days in Cambodia and since we didn’t make any plans, we decided to go to Udong Temple with the whole family.

No laborious preparation needed, just prepacked food, drinks, a few clothes for changing, the tuktuk and we’re all set to go. It took us 1 1/2 hours to reach the temple and as soon as we arrived we immediately ate because no one bothered to eat breakfast.

Before starting the trail, there were these 3 young boys who insisted to be our guides, actually I do not or we do not need them but because Nestle enjoyed talking to the kids, he contracted all of them to be our guides on our way up to the temple. One of them tells the story while the other two fans us. We are like king and queen being served by our little servants 😛 They even carried our things so we won’t feel tired walking. After an hour we decided to go down and soon we paid them 🙂

When we reached the vehicle, I suddenly realised that we weren’t able to take much photos on top, so I insisted Biggie and Nestle to climb again for some really nice photos. What’s 500 steps to a person who is very insisting 😛

Udong Temple behind me

The family had a blast, everybody enjoyed. I am always thankful for this kind of family bonding as it strengthens our relationship with one another. Our next trip will be at Tak Khmao Mountain, we will be visiting the animals there 😉

For more Udong Temple pics, please visit here.

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