On Windows 7

I have 3 words for Windows 7 – I love it!

It was the other night when Nestle asked me to back up my files and stop working for a while because he’d install Windows 7 in my laptop. I was too eager to change my OS because not only it has superb eye candy displays but the settings are really handy and above all of it helps you minimise your work half the time.

I am enjoying my wallpaper now because every 30 mins or so it changes to another one and the designs they have are outstanding. Something you will enjoy while busily working on your tasks. Also, you will notice a lot of enhancement from it’s predecessor Vista which was not adored by many for it’s complexities. Now all the pc’s in the house are running with Windows 7 and I assume that in just a short while, I will be able to familiarise myself with the changes 😀

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Everybody who’s used a modern operating system for more than five minutes has been met with the hassle of juggling too many windows, and Aero Peek seeks to alleviate some of that. Available with any machine capable of “fancy mode” translucent window graphics, Aero Peek lets you hover over a “show desktop” field in the right of the task bar and show the outlines of every window currently open — which usually amounts to chaos.

More helpful, however, is the ability to hover over the fly-out thumbnails that pop up from the taskbar app groupings, and isolate that specific window while all other windows are sent to outline mode. It serves as both geography lesson and a rapid navigation method, without feeling as clunky or “all-or-nothing” as previous attempts at windows management in Windows.

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  1. September 21, 2009 at 8:06 pm

    pahingi ng product key! hahahha

  2. September 21, 2009 at 8:23 pm

    sure sure

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