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Paintball Cambodia – Follow up Blog

After mentioning my husband’s new hobby last week, it is now my turn to experience and enjoy PAINTBALL with them. As the only femme fetale in the group of men, I enjoyed being the queen of the field even for a while.

It’s the women’s paintball video I watched that pushed me to play. After watching it last night, I decided to try it and experience how painful it is to be hit just like the others. As I ride my black knight on my way to Mezzanine, I prayed that other players will be considerate when hitting me, I kept my fingers crossed that I won’t have black patches on my skin after the game. But I was mistaken! There’s no sign of mercy in them and when you’re hit, you just have to acknowledge and surrender. I got two head shots from the opponents but no marks on my body :) It’s surely a fun and challenging game with all of them.

The highlight goes to the Cambodia vs Philippines game. We lost the battle thrice not because we do not have the tactics but we do not have as many balls as them! It’s 200 vs 50 paintballs – they’ve got 200 while we have 50 each in our loaders. They’re storming us with all their might but we never gave up. We lost but we look forward to win (hopefully) next week if they’ll show up. We want our sweet REVENGE :D

Now that paintball is gaining popularity here in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, more and more people are engaged in playing it. We just hope that there will be a tournament here to join or there will be an organisation to arrange an event for paintball lovers in the Penh. I bet many will be interested. Calling all the events agencies here in Cambodia, why not organise one for us :P

For more info about Paintball Cambodia, you can visit their office in:

Mezzanine Pte., Ltd. near Northbridge Road

The standard fee is $8, which consists of:

1. vest

2. goggles

3. standard Tippman gun

4. uniform

5. 50 paintballs

For an extra $5, you can upgrade your armour to a more professional one. Each paintball reload will cost you $5/50 paintballs.

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