Something New…

Yesterday, I received a surprise from Franco dearest, something I never expected to have from him, hahaha! Ok ok! It’s no fancy at all, he started to ask me what’s my shoe size, and I ended up answering with “40cm for closed shoes and 38cm for sandals, why you asked?” then he replied “just wait for Biggie to get home.”

Off I went to the kitchen and cooked our dinner while waiting for Biggie to arrive. Soon he came with a paper bag in his hand! See what I’ve got from F 🙂

Charles & Keith Stiletto – 2.5 cm high

Sophy and Sina – 3.5 cm high

I was overwhelmed with my little surprises and immediately sent him a huge THANK YOU message for making me feel special! I love the shoes so much! Another sets to add in my shoes collection and will definitely keep them safe.

In return, I made kimchi for him as a gesture of sweetness. It’s my first time to make kimchi and the result is not bad.

Let’s keep it this way, hubby and the rest of the family liked it, especially when I turned it into kimchi jjigae or kimchi stew, so I think my friends and F will also like it.

Saturday is over, tomorrow is another paintball day…I dunno yet if I will play, but for now I just wanna rest. Good night everybody 🙂

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