First Paintball Sting at Mezzanine Paintball, Cambodia

Paintball at Mezzanine in Phnom Penh, Cambodia rocked my Sunday morning once again. This time I’ve got a new souvenir, a sting on my left leg, courtesy of our dear opponent! Whoever he is, he doesn’t have a heart for hitting me 😛

I was stoned after the hit and wasn’t able to mobilize my leg for a while but it didn’t stop me from going back to the game. I love the game, so I love the pain (but not too much pain, ok).

Today, I enjoyed the game more, I was able to run through the bunkers and I felt like wonderwoman running with my gun, except I don’t  have a cape on my back 😛 The highlight of it was when we’re down in to 3 players and my two team mates’ both eyeing to the opponents, I took the opportunity to run through and attack the other side. However the run was cut short when someone hit me on my arm. I was down. But it was a very nice and brave try! Love it!

My only problem while playing is my ventilation when using the goggles. It’s giving me a hard time to breathe that’s why I am feeling dizzy after every round. I think I need to buy my own goggles so I can choose a comfy one while I’m in the field. When I have time I will research some cool pink goggles and have it shipped here in Cambodia.

Also, hubby’s insisting to have some warm-up exercises before we play next time. It will help us to endure longer in the game. Nestle and I were reminiscing Eileen’s circuit training to help us keep track with our opponents and it’s very helpful. Thanks to my old Malaysian boss for being a health buff, I certainly miss her session sometimes 🙂

Watch out for next week’s battle royale in the field – it’s Philippines vs Cambodia at Mezzanine Pte. Ltd. Nestle finally had a chance to organize and liase with Dara the details of this long waited game with them. Hopefully next time we could take this into a real-tournament and have good shot to show our skills, well their skills actually, I’m still a newbie here 😛

Gotta have some rest now, it’s Monday once again. Back to school tomorrow.

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