25 Chinese Tourists Hostaged in Quirino, Manila

Ngayon lang ako nakakita ng ganitong hostage taking! 11 hours of hard drama, dinaig pa ang teleserye at mga pelikula, ang kaibahan nga lang inde to laru laro lang kundi totohanan!

Former Senior Inspector Rolando Mendoza of Philippine National Police allegedly hostaged a tourist bus with 25 Hong Kong nationals. It is mentioned that Mendoza is demanding to review his case and even cited a few names of significant people to make the decision. Mendoza was discharged from the service due to extortion. Armed with M-16 and 45mm guns, Mendoza truly stirred the national police of the Philippines.

After 11 long hours of wait, 3 bodies were identified dead, including the gunman. The rest were all alive.

Here are my observations on what I’ve seen in TV:

1. No SWAT to mobilise fast in the scene. There were times that Mendoza went out to release some of the hostages but nobody aimed for him!

2. No crowd control. After the policemen declared control of the bus, everybody surrounded the vehicle. Some are just plain spectators!

3. No police tactics. I need not to explain this, it’s obvious from the news that tactics weren’t present at all!

This is another shameful event for the country to face. What happened to our national police? What happened to the trainings they had where the government spends a lot of budget? What happened to the SWAT?

Many will definitely think twice to visit the country after this scenario, this will certainly affect the economy once again. Di pa nga tayo nakakabangon sa mga problema, nadadagdagan na naman! I hope we’ll recover soon and so the hostage victims. May the good Lord guide them to forget this nightmare and let them start a brand new life far from fear. To PNP, mahiya naman po kayo sa mga balat nio! Pinasasahod kayo ng taong bayan para gawin ng ayos ang trabaho ninyo, ganito ba ang kaya niyong isukli sa buwis na ibinabayad namin?

Sana mga taong naglalaro ng airsoft at paintball na lang ang pinadala sa scene, baka sakali mas naresolve pa ito ng mas maaga.


Photo credit to REUTERS

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    Really love all the posts you offer! I am so looking forward to seeing more like them..

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    Well what can I say? great post and I completely agree with you on all points and I am thinking about adding a link on my blog to your blog post because its that good.

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