Happy 3 Years!

no fancy dinner at a famous restaurant nor expensive gifts, just a simple home-cooked meal for my special daddy pong and family in celebration of our 3rd year anniversary. here’s my treat for the family: pancit bihon guisado (stir fried noodles), puto, ham sandwich, and fried chicken. i hope you guys liked all of them.

as time pass by, gifts and other materials do not matter anymore. we’re more into how much we value the time spent when we’re together and how much we want to improve our lives through hard work and proper guidance in the family. many things have changed from the time we’ve met, we gradually matured and learned from our mistakes in the past. we’re far better now and my love is even more. let’s stay this way if not forever at least for the longest time that we could have each other. i love you dad!

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