Shabu-Shabu, A Festive Treat in the Heart of Phnom Penh

A new phone and a dinner treat at Shabu-Shabu near Phnom Penh Centre completed my day. Thanks to Pong who made efforts to celebrate Papa Jun’s birthday today even though he’s so far from us. Biggie and Franco joined us for a festive buffet dinner where we ended bloated with all the sushi and hot pot we ate.

daddy, baby, and mommy

dining with franco and biggie

manang, baby aiken, ate andrea, and kuya aaron

Super spoiled as my sister describes me whenever Pong is being generous to me and the rest, but I’d rather say that I am one lucky lass to have someone like him who could love me through the darkest hours of my days. He’s superb!

Before I end my entry for the night, I want to greet my dear father a happy happy big day on his nth birthday! May you have more blessings to come on your way.

And to Andrea who will be representing the school for the upcoming swimming competition next week, keep in mind that no matter what happen, win or lose, you’re still the best for us. You go girl!

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    Nombre de a GoogleReader!
    Have a nice day


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