A Simple Treat

I love chocolates and nothing beats a day munching all the chocolates a person could have. But of course, you can’t just eat chocolates or you’ll end up with a toothache together with a fat body, right?

Today is a bit of exception as one of my students is trying to spoil me with a box of Ferrero Rocher 😛 Well, this is far from bribing me to give him good grades for his subjects, but a simple thank you for being so nice with him while he’s away in China (his mom joined an exhibition there, and together with his sister, they have helped her in introducing their products). Actually it is not necessary for him to give me a gift as it’s my job to understand them and help them when they need me. That’s the role of a teacher in their students life.

Anyway, I am thankful…so far I am hearing good feedback from my students about how they are coping with my lessons. It gives me a feeling of satisfaction actually and kinda boosts me up to get better in my job 🙂

This week is the first monthly exam in school, all students are busy in doing their tests and teachers are busy with their professional development in the afternoon. The good thing with our new school director, is that he is very much capable of his job and we are learning many things from him. He always give resources for us to use and shares his knowledge for us to develop better teaching ways. WebVisible sites like RSA Comments is one of the examples and it’s truly very useful.

I’m out for a while…my foot’s in pain once again 🙁 boohoo!

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