Friday Food Trip

Tired from work, stressed from colds and coughs, what else do you want to do when you get home – rest and sleep right?! But before I do that, I decided to hit the nearby market together with Andrea and Aaron for some merienda. Having severe colds made my papillae on a holiday mode making all my foods taste bland. Anyway, for $5 here’s a bunch of food we got 😛

Banh Xeo – Aaron ordered this one together with some fresh lettuce for wraps.

Crispy Okoy as I call it, dipped in salt and pepper, and lemon

Fried Dumplings as requested by Andrea

Fresh Spring Roll (for Andrea again)

Rice Noodles with Fried Rolls on top (this is mine :P)

and some

Num Kruc

We ordered meat balls too but I wasn’t able to take photos of them as we dig on the foods we have in front of us. When you get hungry you do not mind other stuff anymore but simply concentrate on your plate. As we eat silently, I secretly smile as I watch my kiddos, they are just too cute to see eating in simple places like the market, as long as the place looks clean we go for it…street foods at its finest! Saka di naman kasi kami maarte, gaya nga ng sabi ni Daddy Pong, the more yucky the more yummy! OMG! Now I officially miss tokneneng and calamares in front of Cavite City Market! Wootiewoot!

One good thing here in Cambodia is food, the prices are really cheap and with a dollar in your hand you can buy a nice heavy meal to fill up your tummy. But of course this is only applicable to simple places like street-eats and markets. Lucky we are who can enjoy this kind of simple life 😉

8 thoughts on “Friday Food Trip

  1. I love these foods, too. Really when you stay in Cambodia and even in Vietnam, you must learn to adapt to their lifestyle and eating on side streets is on top of the list. At first, I had a difficult time with this as “pinoys” are known to be “metikuloso”. But now, I already adjusted myself into it and enjoyed the foods, as well…

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