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Renewed Love for Paintball

After more than two months of being quiet in paintball, I am back in the game! Yoohoo!

I got a chance to play today after attending church with these men…again, I am the only female who played, what a winner, hahaha!

Though my team lost in the games, I liked my style of playing as I’m more aggressive to attack the enemies, I’d say better than my previous plays. I got hit but it doesn’t matter coz it’s part of the game, you don’t wanna be hit then stay on the bench and watch. I’m not the one who whines after being hit by the opponent 😛

Andrea and Aaron got their fair chance to play as well. Wearing their C9 pants, they hit the smaller field to practice their skills.

Next week I’ll play again, I need to renew my love for this sport since everybody in the family is very keen in playing. Hopefully, I’ll develop more and get a chance to watch at Hainan, China with Pong for the China Cup :)

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