Korean BBQ

We’ve been going to a new restaurant called Korean BBQ for quite some time now. It’s located at the top floor of Sovannah Mall and they have different types of meats for grilling. You can choose from plain or marinated pork, beef, and chicken. They also serve seafood for those who are not into meats and a hot pot mix for those who loves soup.

This place became an instant favorite because it give the kids a chance to enjoy the meal by simply cooking their own food. Kahit mejo natatalsikan na sila ng mantika, sige pa din 😛 I’m thinking of buying the same cookware because the one they have in the resto has a combined grill and pot in the middle. I wonder if it’s available here in the city. Anyhow, I think I can place an order at Ebay and ship it here in Phnom Penh.

If you are like my family who loves to venture on different cuisines, I strongly suggest you to try this restaurant. They’ve got a 20% off till the end of the year which makes me think of escaping Christmas preparations, hahaha! However, my big boss Nestle don’t like my idea of not cooking anything for Christmas as it’s been a tradition in our family to have delicious meals during this time of the year.

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