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Boat Race at CIA Campus

Before we started our school year, we had a good understanding that our lessons must be incorporated with local Cambodian traditions to help the kids get a better understanding why these traditions are celebrated.

During November, Cambodians look forward in celebrating Water Festival where millions of people gather in the city to watch the colorful boats and fireworks at night. And for our school activity, Teacher Chris Frost of Grade 10 and I agreed to conduct a small boat race for our students. What’s interesting here is the boat must be powered by a dishwashing liquid. The students were stunned when they learned about this and most of them thought how this will work.

Here is the criteria for winning:

1. The boat most be no more than 150 mm.

2. Students are allowed to use any materials they wish.

3. The boat must be able to carry Mr. Marble from the beginning of the race till it reach the finish line.

4. Mrs. Marble will choose the best designed boat on the race day.

5. Students have 4 days to design and practice for the race.

The big day came and all the participants gathered in the pool for the grand race of their lifetime 😀

At first, the boats were powered by dishwashing liquids but after a while, it ended up hand powered as the students waved their hands in the water to push their boats into the finish line.Everybody had fun!

My favorite part of the activity is when Teacher Chris jumped in the pool to “destroy” all the boats. You can see from the picture below how powerful his landing is 😉 All the boats toppled over while in the water as the force is too strong.

For those who are curious and wants do this activity at home or school, watch the video and follow the simple instructions. Oh how we love science!

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