Mike’s Burger

Finally, there’s a “REAL” burger we can eat in Phnom Penh!!!

Mike’s Burger House has been a byword since they’ve open a few months ago at Sokimex Gas Station. Since then, we always look forward to go and taste their products. So right after the Family Day at school, we headed to the burger house and ordered sets of what we desire. I had a double double cheese burger complete with lettuce, tomatoes, and onions, the kids and Manang had the regular cheese burger, while Dad had an order of “Crazy Burger.” It’s a real crazy one for you’ll need to figure out how to eat it! It’s tall with double servings of beef patty, seasoned fries, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onions, cheese, and egg. The owner, Mike, usually calls it breakfast + lunch in one, hahaha!

Dad tried his best to finish the burger but in the end, his tummy surrendered! He only managed to eat half, lols!

I am giving this experience a rate of 10 for satisfaction and good value of money. I suggest you to try this too, if you’re around Phnom Penh area, I’m sure, you’ll love the burger and will definitely come back :)

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