All wrapped up!

How I wish we could skip buying anything on a Sunday but our time and schedule unfortunately forbade us to do so. Christmas shopping is one of the most tedious things to do when you do not have much time to go around the city and look for stuff you wanna buy. Good thing we did this a bit slowly for the year.

Dad bought most of the children’s gifts way back when he’s in Kuala Lumpur, I did my own shopping too while he’s gone, hoarding things I can use in my kitchen 😛

So now, I am all stuffed on my desk wrapping the rest of what I haven’t wrapped, for Christmas is just a few days away, woohoo! It’s ain’t fun to wrap many gifts but at the end of the job, you’ll be able to appreciate your artwork, be it simple or grand 🙂

Oh my! Oh my! I’d better hurry now for I still have loads of things to do. I hope you guys are done with your shopping and wrapping too…Catch you all later alligator 😀

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