Sihanoukville, A Perfect Destination for Beach Lovers in Cambodia

Last weekend, all the staff and teachers at Cambodia International Academy were treated for a 2-day beach fun at Sihanoukville, the top notch beach destination in Cambodia.

[ad name=”adsense-left 180×150″]The trip started at 7:30 with a bumpy bus ride matching with ear splitting Khmer music which made most of the passengers delirious on the way. I felt actually sick within the first hour of the travel and I kept on praying to survive without puking in my place, well I guess you can imagine how I look all throughout the 4 hour ride.

Arrived at 12 noon, we all headed immediately to our hotel rooms to place our bags and soon we went to the seaside for our lunch. Occheateal Beach is the best place for swimming and seafood. There are plenty of cottages for everyone to rent and food is not expensive. They have a wide range of choices to choose from and since were in the beach, we feasted on many crabs, fish, squids, prawns, and so much more!

So what did we do? We spent Saturday afternoon swimming in the calm waters of Occheateal, picture taking with the “hot” teachers of CIA, danced to the beat of Apsara music during dinner time, we had dance exercise early morning of Sunday with our fab Teacher Winnie, went on island tour, and swam with lots of fish! Hell yah, we all had fun 😀

I hope next year more teachers will come 🙂

For those who are planning a holiday in Sihanoukville, here’s some info that you may find helpful:

$6.00 (Mekong Bus Tours) – Bus ticket from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville

$30.00-$40.00/room at Seaside Hotel or White Beach Hotel. These hotels are just right in front of Occheateal Beach. You can also get a room from $15-$25 located in the main roads. There’s no need for luxury cabins as there’s a wide range of choices for you to choose.

$10-$15 per cottage

The food’s price depends on what you order

$10 for 10 minute ride of banana boat

$30 for 30 minute ride of jetski

$40 for half day rent of boat going to the islands. This includes life jackets, snorkels, and goggles.

$1/pax for a whole day play at the beach’s inflatables

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