From Wimax to Fiber Optic

It’s been a week since our internet connection became intermittent.There’s no way that you’ll be able to check mails and stuff online because the connection’s so bad that it goes on and off every now and then.

Ezecom – our internet provider suggested that instead of using wimax, which is our current connection, we’d better switch to fiber optic as the on-going developments (high-rise buildings) in our area affects the signal we’re getting. Thank goodness all our phones got 3g or else life would feel like DOOM!

Anyway, knowing how essential internet, we decided to upgrade. Now we’re using fiber optic which is way faster with its 1mb speed from 512mb during day time and 1mb at night time. Nestle told me that it’s far better than what we had before, so we’ll see. Internet’s not cheap in this country and with the amount we pay monthly, we’d better get the right service from our provider.


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