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A New Concept in Eyewear

Lately, I’ve been so hooked with online shopping. Mainly, I am looking for makeups. I’m not being vain or anything but I feel that I am a bit behind in terms of grooming and looking at my makeup collection, I think I’ve been so minimalist! Then I found my solace in the comfy website of Ebay! With its wide choices, I sure had fun in choosing “all” I want. I’ll update you later when my loots arrive its destination in California.

Meanwhile, I was browsing the other day when I crossed this online shop. They are selling reading glasses and designer frames for reasonable prices and what strike me most is their believe that everyone has the right to see and it’s saddening to know that there are millions of people around the world who still don’t have access to proper vision care.

Here comes their “Buy A Pair, Give  A Pair” project where they partnered with other non-profit organizations like Restoring Vision.Their aim is to help the poor people especially those who are living in the third world countries to enjoy the life with good vision. When you buy a pair of glasses, you’ll be giving a pair to someone else, too. Isn’t that lovely? The person who will receive your gift will now be able to see clearly and work to the fullest.

This online shopping system is such a brilliant idea especially for someone like me who is being consumed by work. I’d admit that my busy schedule is eating my time for other personal stuff, so shopping  online is doable to me.


3 thoughts on “A New Concept in Eyewear

  1. im addicted to online shopping. as in lahat yata ng online income ko nauubos lang sa online shopping lol! im a crazy ebayer 😆 check out strawberrynet.com for discount cosmetics. i use to buy skin care stuff and lipsticks from this shop. good luck with the makeup addiction!

  2. I have long been a fan of ordering glasses online. And so far, i have bought glasses forth from GlassesShop.com. They were perfect. GlassesShop sells a very low and affordable Stylish Prescription Glasses Online with a huge variety of eyeglasses frames.

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