Xiao Xiao

I have totally forgotten to blog about this restaurant that we went to last time. Along Monivong Blvd. there’s a small Chinese restaurant that serves delicious soft shell crabs so the whole family decided to try it for a change.

Xiao Xiao is one of the famous Chinese restaurants here in the city, their food is good and the price is cheap. Beside Xiao Xiao is another Chinese resto which is known for it’s sumptuous garlic pork ribs and Khmer style seafood porridge. Both have their own unique menu suited for everyone’s food palette.

When we arrived, the English speaking waiter attended us. However, I don’t find him so friendly when I asked him about the dishes. He seems to be in a hurry when I haven’t even browsed all the pages in the menu. It’s annoying when someone pushes you to order something when you know clearly what to pick for dinner. Anyway, after a few minutes, I finally concluded my search and ended with a mouth watering set of dishes.

Breaded Squid – $8.00

Soft Shell Crabs – $14.00/kilo

Marinated Beef – $6.00 (Super tender and tasty!)

We also ordered 2 plates of seafood yang chow for $5.00 per large plate, this is good for 6 people and a large plate of bok choy in garlic.

Rating the place, I’m giving 9 stars for the food, 8 stars for service, and 9 stars for the food prices. It’s a good place for the family who loves to eat Chinese cuisine, plus their prices isn’t that bad at all. This place is highly recommended.

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