Legend Cinema Cambodia

At long last, there’s a decent English movie house here in Cambodia that will not only cater the locals but expats too. Yoohoo! Legend Cinema is actually causing stir in the city since it opened yesterday to the public. Many locals are actively participating in Legend Cinema’s Facebook forums, expressing their excitement about the newest happenings in the movie industry. I’m glad that my husband had purchased our VIP tickets two days ago for they run out so fast. Whew!

So earlier, Nestle and I went on a movie date and we watched Transformers 3 on its last full show at 8:40PM. Rating the experience, I’ll give it 8 stars out of 10 😉

1. The chairs are awesome since we’re seating in the VIP section. The chairs are convertible to a love chair where you can lift the armrest in the middle to make it as one.

2. The Dolby surround sound system really brought the movie to life.

3. The quality of pictures are superb especially with the Dolby 3D glasses.

4. The service isn’t that bad too. Though they were late for almost an hour in showing the film. We came there at 8:20 for the 8:40 film but they’ve started at 9:30 because they needed to wait for other late comer audiences. I hope next time they’ll be strict on implementing time, so the audience will learn to come early.

5. Foods in the concession are okay. They have caramel popcorn for 9,000 riels (large), different flavored donuts, and soft drinks. If you purchased a VIP ticket you’ll receive a 6,000 riel free of food in their concession.

6. The prices of the tickets are reasonable too. $6/pax for the ordinary ticket and $8 for the VIP ones in the 3D hall. While $6/pax for VIP and $4/pax for normal ticket if you’re watching a film in 2D.

7. They have 4 schedules that you can choose from if you decided to watch a movie.

  • 10:40 am
  • 2:10 pm
  • 5:25 pm
  • 8:40 pm

8. The only thing that I don’t really like in my experience is when we entered the cinema and settled on our sits. There are plenty of rubbish on the floor from the previous patrons who have watched the movie. Popcorn were everywhere and so with the coke cups. Though they’re not the highlight of the place, I would love it more when my chair is clean and there’s no trash under it. I hope they will have more “cleaners” to attend to this next time.

For more info about the cinema, you can visit their Facebook fan page, just click here.

Summing it all, I enjoyed the night with my husband. It is those quiet times together that we appreciate each other more than anything else. Also, Cambodia is evolving fast and it’s people are welcoming the changes with open arms. As an expat working and living here, I’ll continue to look forward for more changes and challenges in this growing city. I know it won’t let me down.

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  1. July 10, 2011 at 7:34 pm

    Feel free to try another Phnom Penh movie experience at The Flicks Community Movie House 🙂

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