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Legend Cinema Cambodia Reward Bloggers

What is sweeter than having a couple of premier tickets for X-Men First Class movie? Legend Cinema Cambodia in City Mall rewards bloggers like me by writing unbiased, first-hand experience in the cinema by giving free tickets for their upcoming movie premier. Isn’t that awesome!

To cut the long story short, my blogging simply pays off by having two tickets every time Legend Cinema has a premier. Too bad I’ll be away for three weeks, which means  I won’t be able to watch their new movies. But no hassle, I can still catch up when I come back here in Phnom Penh, so I’ll definitely update my experience as soon as I’m in the city.

Earlier, I went to the cinema to get my tickets and was lucky enough to meet Jesmond Chong, General Manager of Westec Media. He was so nice and I managed to ask a few questions how they deal media in terms of promoting their business. To add more happiness on my face, he gave Aiken a Transformers shirt which is exclusive from their cinema. Super cool!

My daughter looks so cute on her white tee while her dad is wearing his black Transformers shirt.

Oh well, I don’t want to spoil the good vibes coming, I’ll make my post quick and sweet. I heard that X-Men First class is a good movie, so I’d better wait till I watch it tomorrow before I give further comments. Exciting!

For those who wants to watch Legend Cinema’s movies, visit their website: or be fan in Facebook.

For now, I’ll have my beauty rest and will update you all by tomorrow 😉

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