One week down, two more to go!

Been in the Philippines for a week now and summing the first 7 days that passed, I’d say it’s AWESOME!!!

Nothing beats the feeling of being surrounded by my love ones and there’s no way that anyone will be able to take away the excitement in my heart whenever I am with them. So let me share my family’s trip to Pi starting from the beginning 😉

July 16 – It was the last day of school and it’s pretty hectic with all the stuff that we needed to do up to the last minute before we headed to Mekong Express bus station for our Phnom Penh-Ho Chi Minh trip. Bus ride is always cheaper than flying, that’s why my husband and I decided to take the longer but cheaper route rather than to spend more money in buying plane tickets. The 6-hour ride cost $12 per pax with a free bottle of cold water and light snacks, which I always love because they’re the only bus company who has this kind of services. At 2pm, the bus took off Phnom Penh and by 8pm we’re already in Maximark Ho Chi Minh, which is 10 minutes away from Tan Son Nhat Airport. Our flight’s at 12:30am via Cebu Pacific Airlines, so we still have some 4 hours to rest at the airport while waiting to board. The kids took this opportunity to play around and run after one another.

July 17 – We finally arrived Manila and we’re all welcomed by my husband’s family at the NAIA Terminal 3. It was such a great feeling. Touched down home base 🙂

Our first “almusal” as I’ve requested:

– garlic fried rice, pritong tuyo (fried dried fish), sopas, hotdogs, pan de sal, and cheese. Burp!

T’was a long trip going back home but all the tiredness paid off as soon as we saw the smiles from our family’s faces.

The rest of the first week was very hectic because we needed to finalize the details for Aiken’s 3rd birthday, so keep posted for my next articles where I’ll share bits and pieces about our POEA experience and the celebration of Aiken’s birthday at Frio Veranda.

I’m going to bed now, yawn! I need to escape the house early tomorrow because I’ll be thrift hunting with my sister Chele at Divisoria. It’s going to be a fun day shopping once again and I hope I can stretch my budget to buy all the essential things I need to buy 😉


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