Family Movies Night at Legend Cinema

Since we got back here in Phnom Penh last Saturday afternoon, my daughter Andrea felt homesick and longs badly to be with our family in Cavite City. She was so attached with her aunts and grannies that’s why she’s feeling lonely back here in the Penh.

I know for a fact that being far from our family is a struggle, but this should never stop our world in revolving. Thus, I can’t let my daughter suffer from severe homesickness. I thought of letting her play with my landlord’s children to divert her attention and somehow relax her busy mind.

Also, knowing I’ll be having premier tickets at Legend Cinema’s The Rise of the Planet of the Apes, I decided to bring Andrea and Aaron with me. But since the movie’s rated pG-13, the watched Captain America in 3D and they loved it!

My kids were so well behaved that I didn’t need to worry about them while I am in the other hall watching the apes. My only appeal is that there were so many kids watching with us when the cinema manager told us that it’s rated 13! If I only knew, I would have let Andrea and Aaron watch with me and Nestle.

Anyway, I’ll disregard my disappointment about that PG13 thingy since I’ve seen my children’s faces lit after they’ve watched the movie. I felt great that they’ve enjoyed it. Next movie for them, Harry Potter 7 part 2 😉

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