Plastic Free Lucban

Kung kaya ng Lucban, Quezon na i-eliminate ang pag gamit ng plastic to make their town eco-friendly bat inde magawa sa buong Pilipinas!?

It has been my long time dream to go to the market and buy stuff, and put them in a brown bag, parang yung nakikita ko ba sa mga movies sa States. Parang classic kasi ang dating pag ganun. Inde ko akalain na sa Lucban ko lang pala yun mararanasan, no need na para pumunta ng Amerika, hihi!

On a more serious note, I think the government’s initiative on this campaign is really good. Not only they’re teaching the local people to go green but they’re also teaching them to value money and resources. Papers can be recycled anytime, unlike plastics that takes millions of years before it dissolve. So if they can do it, why can’t we right? Go Lucban! I hope other parts of the country sees your beauty and make you their inspiration to improve their ways of life.

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