You Gave Me A Fright

It’s been a while since I have watched something scary in the cinema and tonight’s exceptional. Colin Farrell’s Fright Night literally gave me a fright, and I honestly thought of going out the movie house in the middle of the story, but hey I survived! I hated him so much in the movie were he portrayed an evil vampire, killing and sucking everyone’s blood to be alive. He’s so much different from his movie Alexander in 2004, which I really like most.

Anyway, prior to watching it actually just before entering the hall I’ve asked my husband what kind of movie we’re about to watch, I was too busy these past days that I wasn’t able to do a little research about it and so I expected my smart ass Nestle to give me a brilliant answer. And as expected, I was fooled by him when he replied that it’s a funny movie. How could it be funny, when I felt like I’m going to have a heart attack while watching it! Or maybe it’s just me? Maybe I was too blown by the scenes, putting myself in the shoes of the vampire’s victims – a reason why I am damn affected so much!

Summing up my night, I enjoyed the movie and I’ll recommend it to all my friends, students, and relatives who love suspense and thriller, not for the faint hearted though. So for those of you who wants to experience the thrill, book your tickets now at Legend Cinema – City Mall and be prepared to be frightened.

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