Philippine-Cambodia Direct Flight to Open Soon

The good news just keeps on getting better and better, and just before the year end, a proper press release has been published regarding new direct flights between Philippines and Cambodia. In simple words, we don’t need to travel via Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, or Ho Chi Minh City anymore just to fly to Philippines, hooray!

At long last, the rumors are finally getting real since we’ve been hearing this said flights for the past two years. OFWs like us have nothing to do but wait till the agreement between Philippines and Cambodia has been finalized. So now that it’s just a flight away, we’re all excited and getting ready to book our first direct flight going home.

Cebu Pacific will have five flights for the Manila-Cambodia route, while ZestAir got two frequencies.

Airphil Express, the budget carrier of Philippine Airlines, and AirAsia Philippines Inc. each received seven frequencies for the Clark-Cambodia route. One frequency is equivalent to a once-a-week flight.

Ang sarap umuwi lagi kahit maiksi lang ang bakasyon kapag natuloy na ang direct flight. Kaya  ngayon pa lang mag ipon na at mag ayos ng schedule para makabili ng advance tickets para mas mura.

For the official press release, click here.



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