Random Chinese Proverbs

Since I can still feel the warmth of Chinese New Year (warmth in the sense of not having many students in the class :P), I thought of scribbling some Chinese proverbs would be fun after I finished my semester plans.

Using an old ang pao, I cut it into different parts where I can get the beautiful print outs and pasted them on my SCA given diary. Then, I started browsing the world wide web for some inspiring Chinese proverbs.

Sometimes in our life, we need to create something new to feel that we’re still on the right track, and when we feel lost, reading inspiring quotes can lift our spirit up. Since I am a trying hard to be as creative as I can be, here’s what I managed to do in my 20-minute break 😉

I felt good after doing this page in my diary and it’s not a bad pastime either. I was able to inspire myself with different quotes and I did a pretty good job in keeping myself artistic in times of deadlines.

Try it for yourself, you might like it too 😉



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