Weekend Getaway at the Kingdom Resort, Kandal Province

A couple of days before my children’s 3rd quarter exams, two more weeks before the Khmer New year, and some days before hitting all my deadlines, my family went on an early and very relaxing trip. This time we headed to Kingdom Resort located in Kien Svay District, Kandal Province, about 5 kilometers off Phnom Penh.

The idea of going on a weekend getaway came up two weeks before my husband went to MPOC’s Paintball competition in Kuala Lumpur. He thought it would be nice to go to a resort when he gets back here in Phnom Penh, so that we can relax as a family. Thinking about what he said, I didn’t hesitate on giving a go signal after I’ve seen where we are going. He gave me the link of Kingdom Resort’s website and it has immediately struck my attention, and just by looking at their photos I told myself, “The kids are going to love it here!”

The next thing I did is to book a room. I called the resort and I have learned that they have bungalows for rent starting from $35 and up. I settled with a reservation for a standard bungalow with two beds and they told me that it’s only $40/night. This includes the use of all their amenities like swimming pool, spa and sauna, tennis court and playground. The stay also entitles 2 sets of breakfast. It all sounded good to me so I made a reservation for a 2-day and 1 night stay.

Then, the big day came and the whole family went to the resort. I even prepared loads of foods for us to eat. There are beef burritos, salsa, grilled eggplant, pork siomai, tri-colored pasta, garlic bread, and pork adobo. It was like a party for us when we arrived there! Oh no, it’s actually a feast to be honest. There’s plenty of food for us to finish.

The moment we arrived, we’re immediately greeted with warm smiles and it didn’t take long for us to see the bungalow I’ve booked. The standard bungalow looks really pretty, but the problem is, my family of six won’t be able to fit in. Well, we can actually manage to fit in but, I don’t want my kids to feel uncomfortable when I know I can get something better for them. Without thinking long, I decided to change our reservation to a family bungalow that costs $65/night. It’s so much bigger than the first one. There’s an equivalent of two rooms with a king size and a double size bed inside. There’s a small fridge, and an LCD TV for us to watch on and the bathroom is really big with a bath tub in it. We also have our own veranda with tables and chairs to use. It’s a total spot on for me! What I even loved more is that the resort gave us an extra mattress to use, so you can imagine how my kids loved the idea of having a pillow fight on it.

Family Bungalow at $65 per night
Nice veranda with table and chairs to use
Manang and the kids room
Pool area
Mushy Mushroom
sliding down the small pool
into the bigger pool
going for a dive
going for a swim with horsey
Aiken enjoys the playground
going down now to play more
waiting for Ate Andrea to come and play
there's plenty of mango trees around with fruits just within our reach
Dad and his American breakfast served at the pool side
plenty of flowers around the resort
lush greens all around the place

Around the pool area, outside food and drinks are not allowed as it’s still part of  the resort’s restaurant. So, if you have brought foods for your family, you may want to eat them inside your room or use their tables and benches located in their garden at the back. Steve’s Steakhouse is the house restaurant in Kingdom Resort and their menu isn’t that pricey at all. Steaks and other dishes range from $5 and up, so if you don’t have time to make some food for your family, you may want to consider dining at their resto.

I absolutely had fun during our stay at the resort. I am highly recommending it to all my friends here in Cambodia since it’s not very far from the city. For more information about the resort, visit their website here.


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