Food Trip Saturday

Diet!? For a month now, I have deliberately forgotten its meaning and since the holidays started – I indulged myself to many food feasts I can think of. I mean, I can eat and still look nice in many ways, so diet, let’s meet again later 🙂

One of our addictions these days is eating baguettes. My husband discovered a small place right at the corner of Kampuchea Krom and Monivong, there stands a stall selling kebab in a baguette for only $1.25 or 5,000 riels. Not only it’s cheap, it’s really delicious too!


Another place we discovered is a stall near Orussey market selling fresh oysters for only 1,400 riels a pop. You can eat them fresh with some fried garlic and mint leaves or have them grilled, which is so yummy!


Living in Phnom Penh surely makes life wonderful in so many ways. You can eat as much as you want without getting broke. So what are you waiting for? Explore!





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