Sunday Dress

I am not a fashionista myself, but whenever it comes to clothing and dressing up – I always try to keep my style simple and comfortable.

Today as we go to church, I decided to choose a long, green skirt, and a white collared blouse. Since it’s summer, I’d better suit in colors that compliment the weather and green is a very good choice – it’s refreshing and vibrant!

Also, my fondness to wearing long skirts is growing. I like the feeling that it gives you a slimmer effect and thus, hides my chubby legs which are not my really asset at all 😛

One good thing here in Phnom Penh is that Russian Market is only my neighbor. The clothes there are cheap and the quality is top notch – they are actually the ones being exported on the other side of the world- which gives me plenty of opportunities to shop cheaply and I love it!

To conclude, here’s a pic of me in my ootd (outfit of the day) matched with jade earrings and necklace, and white 4″ sandals 🙂


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