Now Showing: Prometheus

If you love the movies Aliens I, II, and III, Prometheus will surely be included in your list as it brings you to a new level of discovery. The prequel of the first three movies will search the answers of mankind’s origin.

Did God really create us? What will happen to Darwin’s theory of evolution then? Where will we head when we die? Few questions that no one yet has ever answered lead a group of explorers to take on a journey in an unknown universe.

The exploration lead to a terrifying phase, an end to the Engineers of mankind and a birth to a new generation of ALIENS. Scary as it seems, but the race to find the truth has not ended yet. The discovery continues as Dr. Shaw continues her journey in a new universe – where she’s heading is yet to be known.

Watch Prometheus now in Legend Cinema at City Mall, Phnom Penh. Showing will start on June 21, 2012.

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