2013 Recap

I can’t believe that another year just passed and how time really flies so fast! It feels like it’s only been the start of the year, and now we’re starting a new one again. Whew! So, blogging hiatus as it may be, but definitely I am back for more posts to share with you, and since I am back again, I would like to take this opportunity to do a little recap of what 2013 had been for me. I’ll describe this year as the year of “Wonderful Opportunities!”

Let’s start!

January 2013

I celebrated my 30th birthday (hooray!) and my sister Inah came from the Philippines to explore the employment opportunities here in Cambodia. She is my youngest sister and the cutest among us. I’m the prettiest by the way, hahaha!

Joyce and Inah

February 2013

My sister Chele and her family came over for a short vacation and we got to celebrate my only nephew’s 4th birthday. Chele and family

March 2013

Off we went to the beach for some fun.

Pong and Joyce in Sihanoukville


April 2013

Traveled to Vietnam and then Pilipinas bound we are with the whole family. You know, there is no place like home and it’s the best feeling ever!

Ohana in the Philippines

May 2013

It’s my Sweet’s 31st and Andrea’s 12th birthday 🙂

Nestle's birthdayAndrea's BirthdayJune 2013

We celebrated Andrea’s graduation and Aiken’s recognition day.

Andrea's graduation dayAiken's recognition


And we also bought our first car Mapu 😉


July 2013

I went to the Philippines again and had a short vacation with my family. We visited Bohol and Cebu 🙂

Yarzas in Cebu-Bohol


We also celebrated Aiken’s  5th birthday, Japanese style!

Aiken's birthday


August – November 2013

Spell BUSY and that will be me. I juggled work, online studies, motherly and wife duties all at one time. I think these months were the busiest in the whole year. I enrolled myself to numerous courses from Australia, USA, and Philippines. But don’t worry, I survived 😛

Online studies

December 2013

We celebrated Inah’s 23rd birthday. Inah's 23rd

And celebrated the birth of our Savior with our family and friends 🙂

Christmas 2013

Plus my husband bought my own car as an advance birthday gift and I called her Twinkle 🙂 Such a happy wifey here!


As I end my post, I would like to say a short prayer to give thanks to all the wonderful blessings that I and my family received throughout the year.

Our dear Heavenly Father, thank Thee for all the blessings that You never cease to give. Thank You for guiding my family and providing our needs. Thank You for the love. Thank You for giving us the courage to stand for truth and righteousness. I ask Thee to continuously guide us in everything we do, that we may choose the right at all times and in all places. Forgive us with all the shortcomings that we are not able to comprehend. You are our source of strength. I leave all of these things in Jesus’s name. Amen.



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