Dominos Pizza in Cambodia

Calling all pizza lovers in the Kingdom of Cambodia! Dominos Pizza is now open in Phnom Penh!

January 22, 2015 marks the grand opening of Dominos Pizza located at BKK1 on Street 51 (Pasteur) corner of Street 288. We came there past 8PM and boy, the store was crowded with a lot of people! The queue was long and the wait was pretty much the same too. But what can you expect, the pizzas are 50% off!

We ordered 2 boxes of Pepperoni, 1 box of Margherita, 1 box of Hawaiian, 2 boxes of Meat Lover, and 1 box of Meatzza, and they all tasted great. I think Pizza Company and Pizza World will get a tougher competitor now with Dominos Pizza in town.

By the way, Nestle and Rex are doing a sideline job at night. They do mascots too if you like hahahaha.

Rex and Nestle promoting Dominos Pizza

Little kids have a special place to watch the pizza makers inside Dominos kitchen. Aiken loves watching how the doughs are being flipped.


Wondering how long it will take your pizza to make? Just look at the LCD screen located near the counter and you’ll know exactly when yours will arrive.



Pizza lovers❤️


The aftermath? BUSOG!


To order Dominos Pizza, call 1-800-2020. By the way, their 50% off promo is going to last till January 31, 2015.





“Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what’s for lunch.”
– Orson Welles