myBurgerLab to Open in Cambodia

Hear ye! Hear ye! Food lovers and the likes, you’ll love this news because it’s all about food! Phnom Penh is really developing fast and another burger chain is bound to open this week. Oh yeah!

myBurgerLab is opening on January 31, 2015 to the public and they’re going to served hamburgers like you’ve never had before! Sounds tempting? You should be because I was there together with Nestle, Andrea, and many more to try their burgers today, and boy, they’re super duper good!!!

Before I post some mouth-watering photos of our burgers, let me give you some facts about myBurgerLab.

– myBurgerLab was established in Malaysia in 2012.

– They use charcoal buns for their burgers.

– They grind and mix their own patties using local ingredients found in Cambodia.

– The staff are friendly and always ready to help you out with your order.

– They are the first burger chain/fast food chain in Cambodia who offers unlimited drinks (sodas) to the customers.

– The place is cozy for friends and family gatherings.

– myBurgerLab Cambodia is being ranΒ by Brands Management Limited (BML) headed by Nira Lim, CEO. They are the same operators of Chatime and Boat Noodle which will open soon.


Whew! Now are you hungry? Let’s eat!


We’re VIPs tonight! Look who took our orders, the CEO himself, Nira Lim. I salute you BOSS! You just don’t work hard, you serve and inspire many people.


Nira Lim



We sat down and waited for our orders. I’m famished πŸ˜›


Then our orders arrived and brought to us by Johnson, the cute waiter πŸ˜€

Johnson aka the cute waiter

Norak had the HEART ATTACK burger <3 By the name itself, I think Β no further explanation is needed πŸ˜›

Norak and his Heart Attack

Andrea had HANGOVER (beef burger, crispy hasbrown, maple syrup, and mushrooms

Andrea and her Hangover

A closer look at Hangover πŸ˜›


As for me, I ordered A+ (grilled beef, sharp cheddar, caramelized onions, shiitake, and enoki mushrooms)


My husband tried two burgers. The first one was Spicy Hawaiian (grilled beef, swiss cheese, shiitake shrooms, pineapple ring, and red sauce)


Then he ordered Say Cheese (grilled beef, sharp cheddar, and sauce)


While eating, we also got a chance to catch up with some friends <3

Nich Baby!

Joyce and Hannee


And I had a chance to see their AWESOME kitchen! It’s super clean and well organized!

DSC_0513After all the eating, here’s my review of the burgers πŸ™‚

1. I like the charcoal buns because they are soft. You can taste its freshness.

2. The beef patty is tender and juicy. It is also well-marinated.

3. The sauce is just the right taste. However, I’ll like it better if it’s a little bit more savory πŸ˜€

4. The burger is not oily.

5. The burger looked like what’s in the menu, thumbs up!

6. The veggies are fresh and tasted good.

7. The french fries are not soggy and the best part is it’s cooked with garlic. Additional flavor! I like!

My favorite so far is the Hangover because the maple syrup had awaken my palette and made me crave for more hahaha. I’ll give it a 5 out of 5 score πŸ™‚


After looking at the photos, I’m sure you’re hungry now and would like to eat at myBurgerLab. For their menu, they pretty much have the same burgers from the original branch in Malaysia. I’ll keep it as a secret for now, so you’d be able to discover what they have when you get in their restaurant.Β 

To try myBurgerLab burgers, you can come to their restaurant at Norodom Blvd. 100 meters away from Caltex Gas Station, opposite of ISPP Elementary Campus.

I had fun tonight. My tummy’s full and I had a great talk with old friends. Somehow my stress has gone away even though for a bit of time. Thanks to Nita Lim for inviting us, we love you BIG time!



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