Why Do You Have To Backup Your Files?

Two days ago, an unexpected accident happened and I regretted it right away. It all started when a class I was teaching got uncontrollable while I was signing their journals and it led me to tapping my desk hard while my laptop was on. Then, I went to eat lunch. When I came back and used my laptop, I noticed that the applications became static, so I decided to restart my laptop thinking it will fix the problem. To my dismay, it started to display a blue screen with an error pertaining to my hard disk drive. I didn’t think it was that serious and decided to turn it off and continued my teaching.

An hour later, I booted my laptop again and the same error appeared. Hmmm, what’s happening? Candidly, I asked a colleague of mine to help me with the problem, he told me that I can actually fix it if I have a USB that can boot Windows 8. Sounds easy, right? However, as you know I am not very techie and I normally rely on my husband’s expertise when I encounter problems related to computer or laptop. So, I called him and sent him photos of the error, and the next thing he told me is to go home so his brother-in-law can have a look at my laptop while he was at the office. I followed his advise and soon I was home in a matter of minutes.

When Rex checked the laptop, he dissected it a bit and took the hard disk drive out. He checked and cleaned and put it back again. It worked for a while then the laptop became static again. He rebooted and tried the same steps but the error didn’t go away. He wasn’t able to fix it 🙁

At this point, I feel devastated with the thought of losing ALL of my files. Why? Because all of my important documents are saved in my hard disk drive and this includes my thesis, researches, assignments, unit plans, resources, newly marked students’ work, reports, pictures, and everything about work and my studies. To make the matter worse, I DO NOT HAVE A BACK UP! If my hard disk drive will not work again, my life is DOOMED!

Night came and my husband arrived from work, right away he did what’s needed. Took the hard disk drive out, transferred to a hard case, checked and tried all the possible solutions he can do. He even put my hard disk in the freezer thinking the bearings will work again after being chilled. He did what he can, because he knows how important my files are. He knows that I have spent so much time these past days and weeks trying to finish all of my work. He knows I’ll be stressed if I will lose them. He did what he can. But he wasn’t able to make it work again. I AM DOOMED!

I cried. I mourned. I am stressed. I am angry. I am regretful. I am annoyed. I am sorry. I wanted to punch someone else’s face. I was blank the whole day after the event, because I have to redo all my work. Sh*t do really happens especially when you least expect it.

I will not be able to bring back what’s lost and all I have to do now is move on. It’s easy to say, but so hard to do, ye know!

So how important is it to back up your files? Damn IMPORTANT as your life! If you don’t care about your files, go ahead and use your computer like the way you’re using it now. If you care and you haven’t done any backing up since you’ve used your computer or laptop, well you better start backing up now and there are several ways you can do.

1. Buy yourself an external hard disk drive and back up your files every now and then. You can also buy a small USB if buying an external HDD is a little costly. Just make sure you have enough space for your files.

2. If you’re using several computers or laptops at the same time, make sure you have a copy of your files in both devices. Transferring or copying of files can be handy if you have your external HDD, USB, or if you have a cloud hosting for your files.

3. If you think that one day your USB or external HDD will get lost and you’re afraid to lose all your files, save them in the cloud. These days, there are a lot of options that you can choose from. Way back before, I am already using OneDrive, GoogleDrive, and Dropbox to share and save my files. But for some reason, I stopped because I became so lazy and didn’t understand how important it is to back up files. I became overly confident with my very careful use of my laptop. By the way, I am using Dell Inspiron 1440. It’s quite old and rusty, but still working great until the HDD’s break down.

Above mentioned ways, my husband decided to buy ourselves a HUGE cloud space using Microsoft’s OneDrive. We now have a total of 5TB of cloud space which is more than enough to save all our documents and pictures. Huge space for $10/month. Huge space to use and not be neglected, or else I might be facing the same problem again. Huge space that can be shared up to five people and each user can get 1TB each. Aside from the huge space and sharing capability, you can also get nice freebies like 60-minute free call to selected countries using Skype, online use of Office 365 (works like Google Docs, except it’s so much better!), and a few more things you will find useful when sharing and saving your files.

I have learned my lesson the hard way and if only I can turn back time, I will not tap my desk that will ruin the bearings of my HDD and I will save my work somewhere else to ensure copies.

By the way, my husband decided to get me a new laptop though it’s not that hardcore like I plan to have. He decided to buy me a Lenovo G505 with the following specs:

AMD E1-2100 APU 1.0GHz
– RAM: 10GB DDR3
HDD : 1TB = 1,000 GB
– Optical Drive: DVD RW
– Screen: 15.6″ HD EWV (1366 x 768)
VGA : AMD Radeon HD8570M 1GB
– Webcam HD/ Wireless/ LAN/ USB 3.0
– Bluetooth 4.0/ Card reader/ HDMI
– 4Cells 3000 mAh (Upto 6 Hrs)
Windows 8.1 Pro Recommendation
– Weight : 2.4 Kg
Multitasking capabilities with AMD
– Code: I0811265BX


Although my old Dell has a new HDD now, I decided to hand it down to one of my children and I will move on with my new laptop. It’s hard to start all over again, but at least now, I know how important it is to back up my files.



You’ll never be brave if you don’t get hurt. You’ll never learn if you don’t make mistakes. You’ll never be successful if you don’t encounter failure.