My Funny Valentine

Nestle and Joyce

Before I start my story about my Valentine’s date with my husband, I ‘d like to greet all of you a Happy Heart’s Day first. Single or not, you deserve to be happy and loved, so cheers on today’s celebration!


My husband and I seldom go on a date alone, for us the definition of date is going out together with the whole family. And when we say the whole family, that includes our three children, my mom, and our nanny going out for dinner or anything we want to do under the sun. For us, it is more fun than just going out by the two us. As far as I remember, Nestle and I only dated together on Valentine’s once and that was in 2011. The next years were spent with our children.


This Valentine’s I thought of going out on a dinner with my husband alone. We really don’t have any plans of we want to do or where we want to eat. We don’t even have a plan of going on a date hahaha! However, I want to spend some ‘alone’ time with my husband because these past days and weeks, work had consumed our time so much. Plus, I wanna make up for my husband’s sweet gesture. Remember when my laptop’s hard disk broke down last week? He bought me a new one not only to replace what’s broken, but it served as an advance V-day gift as well. Sweet right?


So, here’s what I did. I called him on Friday afternoon and told him I want to go on a Valentine’s date, but I don’t want the date to be on the 14th. Instead, I want to celebrate on the 13th of February (which also happened to be Friday the 13th) to avoid the rush of couples dating on Saturday. Then, I told him that I want to eat at Wang’s Korean Restaurant located at Aeon Mall. I agreed, so we made a deal.


When I arrived from work, I told my mom that Nestle and I will not eat dinner at home. Immediately, my children who overheard what I said reacted and asked why, so I told them that “Dad and Mom are going on a date and we’re going just by ourselves.” After this, my youngest blurted out, “What do you mean date? If you want to date with Daddy, I’ll come with you.” Huh, since when did I have to ask permission on dating my husband? Hahaha! Aiken insisted that she has to go because she got a perfect score on her spelling quiz earlier that day. Okay, fine. Reason is valid. Permission granted, you may come with Mom and Dad’s date. But, it didn’t stop there! My son also expressed he wants to come, because if Aiken can come, he should come too because he loves to eat Korean food and he’ll take good care of his sister. Okay, now we have two chaperons with us! Luckily, my eldest decided to stay behind, otherwise we will have three chaperons.


Night came and off we went for dinner. Nestle and I decided to meet at the restaurant because we both have conflicts with our schedule. I took charge of the food and ordered pork bibimbap, chicken bibimbap, and sundubujjigae at Wang’s. Their servings are pretty big, so we didn’t order much. When the food arrived, we all started eating and while we were enjoying our food, the little miss with us made a comment with her dissatisfaction and said “I don’t like the food. You dated at the wrong place! You should have gone to my favorite Japanese restaurant, because I like their food there!” Boom! My little girl was very unhappy and there’s no way to console her. I tried to explain that Mom and Dad were on a date and we liked to eat there, but regardless if she’s chaperoning or not, she’s unhappy hahahaha!

our chaperons

Anyway, we ended the dinner with full stomachs, except for Aiken who only ate the noodles from sundubujjigae. Our experience is good and I like the food. Maybe next time we come back at Wang’s we’ll order something else that will entice Aiken to eat. Korean sidedishesbibimbap and sundubujjigae


SO what’s the moral lesson of the story? If you want to have some alone time with your partner, make sure the kids will not be there, otherwise be prepared to face the consequences especially when your children have very high standards when it comes to food hahaha. Kidding aside, there is nothing wrong with dating together with your children. To avoid such circumstances, try to get their opinion and come to an agreement with the food you want to eat, so you’ll be able to get the most out of the experience. Also,do not forget that having some alone time is also very important in your relationship. Arrange something special and make it memorable. Hire a babysitter if you need someone to look after your children, or maybe ask someone in your family to look after them while you’re gone for dinner. It’s the month of love and it feels good to be loved! Happy Valentine’s Day!




Love is when the other person’s happiness is more important than your own.