Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – A Short Weekend Trip

Nestle and I had a chance to visit Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia last February 19-22. It was a combination of leisure and business at the same time. So why did we go to KL? We attended the very first Global InterGold convention here in Asia! Yes, you read it right! Global InterGold is now in Asia and it’s expanding its business throughout the world. Okay enough of the gold business for now, I will have a separate blog post about this golden opportunity that you can also join 🙂

Flying High in the Sky

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Malaysia is very close to our heart because it resembles home. Some of the words in Bahasa were borrowed in Tagalog making the language sound familiar. Having Malays travel to the Philippines long time ago, our genes share in commonalities many ways making us look like one another – Filipinos and Malay features are pretty much the same. However, more Chinese features are seen in Malaysia while Filipinos are combination of Spanish, Arabic, Indian, American, Chinese, Japanese, Malay, Aeta, and Indonesian descents. This is why Filipinos are beautiful, we are a prefect combination of different nations.

Going back, Malaysia is like our third home (Cambodia being second) because we’ve been here many times. Kuala Lumpur and Langkawi to be specific. If others make Bangkok their go to place, we have Kuala Lumpur as ours. Why? Because Kuala Lumpur is  simply enchanting!

Here are my best 5 reasons why I love Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 🙂

  • The new KLIA2 (Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2) is so Big!

You can start your shopping spree at their airport which will not only stretch your pockets, but your sleeping muscles too! It was in 2013 when I last went to KL and from then on, the construction had been so quick that now they have two beautiful airports. If you have a connecting flight from KLIA2 to KLIA1, just take the shuttle bus that services all the passengers transporting to the two airports.


  • Established public transportation

Going from one place to another in Malaysia is very easy because they have good transportation system. Their roads are good and wide, sky bridges are everywhere, underpasses are available, taxis are regulated (mostly), and drivers and nice and polite. Coming from the airport, you have four choices to reach KL proper. You can choose from the following:

– Service Shuttle this leaves every 30 mins at the airport. One ticket costs RM8 and considered to be the cheapest way to reach the city proper. Bus stops at Sentral.

– KLIAExpress is the fastest way to reach the city center. The normal 45-minute to an hour drive can be as fast as 28 minutes non-stop. Train leaves every 15 minutes with free porter and Wi-Fi on board. You can buy your ticket here.

KLIA Transit is also available if you are looking for a cheaper alternative but faster way to reach the city. Ticket starts at RM4.

–  Teksi (Taxi) is our favorite transport. All the drivers that we’ve met are very nice and kind. From the airport, you can get a taxi from the taxi counter right outside the luggage claiming area. Depending on the number of people and luggage, you can choose from a regular or normal/budget taxi to a bigger-sized one. It cost us RM75.10 from KLIA2 to Bukit Bintang. Once you have paid for your ride, you can now proceed to Level 2 of the airport. The dispatcher will take one of the three stubs, he’ll give the other to the driver and the last one will be your copy. Taxis are regulated so fare shouldn’t exceed from this price.

However, coming back to the airport from the city has a different price. Depending on the time of the day, taxi fare from KL to KLIA2 may cost between RM90-RM100 on a regular day time up to 12mn. Once midnight strikes, 50% charge will be included in your bill. This is automatically included once the passenger rides past midnight. If a taxi driver tries to over charge you, get a copy of his identification(taxi drivers normally have an information sheet on their dashboard) and call the taxi regulation board.

Teksi from KLIA2

Jalan Alor is famous for food enthusiasts just like me. Guesthouses and small hotels can be found around this area and it is usually quiet during day time. When daylight starts to fade, that’s when fun starts. One by one, tables and chairs are being brought outside and food stalls are prepping for the food feast. There’s many places for one to eat and the prices are really affordable. If you happen to be at Jalan Alor, make sure to eat at Wong Ah Wah. They have really good grilled chicken wings, and delicious pork and chicken satay.

Wong Ah Wah
Wong Ah Wah, famous for grilled chicken
Freshly grilled chicken wings on the right side
Lime Juice with Dried Plum
Chicken and Pork Satay at Wong Ah Wah, RM15 for 10 pcs.
Kang Kung Belaccan at Wong Ah Wah, RM13/medium sized serving
Sausage Fried Rice at Wong Ah Wah, RM9, good for 2 persons
Famous Grilled Chicken Wings at Wong Ah Wah, RM3.10/pc
Char Kiew Tiew at Wong Ah Wah, RM9, good for 2 persons
Diners right outside Wong Ah Wah
Happy tummies!
Walking! Walking! Walking!
Mochi, anyone?
More food choices
I have never tried fried durian and I wonder how it tastes like. Hmmmm.
Now back to walking…
  • Malaysians are nice and kind. Whatever they do in life, Malays always share a smile to everyone. Their kindness is infectious that you will also do the same to others. The taxi drivers are very polite, the guard at the hotel is very nice, the receptionist is very pleasant too. Maybe it’s their job to be nice and all because they give service to others, but I think they are just happy and nice people.
  • The cleanliness is outstanding. Just like Singapore, Malaysia is also really clean. The roads are paved properly and the people are very disciplined to care for their environment. I think this one thing is missing in the Philippines, that’s why the country takes time to improve, the lack of discipline make life more difficult.

My family is planning another trip to Malaysia this year, this time everyone will come! The kids are excited because their cousin Ala will be able to join us 🙂

To see what it’s like in KL, watch my video below.

You can also watch this if you like eating fried ice cream 🙂

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