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myBurgerLab to Open in Cambodia

Hear ye! Hear ye! Food lovers and the likes, you’ll love this news because it’s all about food! Phnom Penh is really developing fast and another burger chain is bound to open this week. Oh yeah! myBurgerLab is opening on January 31, 2015 to the public and they’re going to served hamburgers like you’ve never had before! Sounds tempting? You… Read more →

Dominos Pizza in Cambodia

Calling all pizza lovers in the Kingdom of Cambodia! Dominos Pizza is now open in Phnom Penh! January 22, 2015 marks the grand opening of Dominos Pizza located at BKK1 on Street 51 (Pasteur) corner of Street 288. We came there past 8PM and boy, the store was crowded with a lot of people! The queue was long and the… Read more →

Daddy’s Kare-Kare

Daddy Pong promised to learn to cook my favorite dishes until he perfects them and on my next birthday, he will be my official cook! woohoo! Now I would like to present to you his very first “major” dish since we got together, tadaaaah! Kare-Kare! He managed to cook it correctly and deliciously with very minimal supervision from me. I… Read more →

Creamy Fusilli Tuna Carbonara

Ito ang aming midnight snack kagabi: creamy fussili tuna carbonara 🙂 It all started nung mag message sa kin si bessywifyness (Nika Nanong) for this recipe and after kong mahanap sa baul ang list of ingredients bigla akong ginutom in the middle of the movie. Buti na lang madami kaming nakatabing pasta at Nestle cream kaya naman madali akong nakapagluto… Read more →

Mike’s Burger

Finally, there’s a “REAL” burger we can eat in Phnom Penh!!! Mike’s Burger House has been a byword since they’ve open a few months ago at Sokimex Gas Station. Since then, we always look forward to go and taste their products. So right after the Family Day at school, we headed to the burger house and ordered sets of what… Read more →

Korean BBQ

We’ve been going to a new restaurant called Korean BBQ for quite some time now. It’s located at the top floor of Sovannah Mall and they have different types of meats for grilling. You can choose from plain or marinated pork, beef, and chicken. They also serve seafood for those who are not into meats and a hot pot mix… Read more →

Friday Food Trip

Tired from work, stressed from colds and coughs, what else do you want to do when you get home – rest and sleep right?! But before I do that, I decided to hit the nearby market together with Andrea and Aaron for some merienda. Having severe colds made my papillae on a holiday mode making all my foods taste bland.… Read more →