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My Funny Valentine

Before I start my story about my Valentine’s date with my husband, I ‘d like to greet all of you a Happy Heart’s Day first. Single or not, you deserve to be happy and loved, so cheers on today’s celebration!   My husband and I seldom go on a date alone, for us the definition of date is going out… Read more →

Acrylic Painting

Just wanna share my attempt to paint on glass using acrylic paints. It’s not so beautiful but I am very much happy on the outcome. At church today, we had an activity for the Primary where they have a chance to explore the world of painting. A teacher from ISPP was invited to share her talents to the kids and… Read more →

Sunday Dress

I am not a fashionista myself, but whenever it comes to clothing and dressing up – I always try to keep my style simple and comfortable. Today as we go to church, I decided to choose a long, green skirt, and a white collared blouse. Since it’s summer, I’d better suit in colors that compliment the weather and green is… Read more →

Random Chinese Proverbs

Since I can still feel the warmth of Chinese New Year (warmth in the sense of not having many students in the class :P), I thought of scribbling some Chinese proverbs would be fun after I finished my semester plans. Using an old ang pao, I cut it into different parts where I can get the beautiful print outs and… Read more →

You Made My Day

What else can a teacher ask for more than having students that never forgets you? This morning I received a very sweet Christmas card from a past student who is now currently studying in Singapore. Her name is Yi Houy and she had been my student for 2 years. She’s definitely one of the sweetest girls in the class and… Read more →

Mark Me

Ang life parang markers lang, laging handa para gumawa ng makukulay na kwento at memorable experiences. Kaya dapat kahit gano man kahirap ang ating pinag dadaanan, sige lang tayo lagi sa pagsulat dahil sa darating din ang happy ending sa buhay natin. ***Life isn’t about finding yourself Life is about creating yourself*** Tweet This Post Read more →

Creative Facebook Timeline

Two weeks ago, Facebook launched their newest look through timeline. However, this is still unavailable to many until first week of October, I think. For those lucky ones who used Facebook’s developer app, they managed to enjoy it’s prime beauty – just like me 🙂 The new timeline design gives you many ways to showcase your creativity and define who… Read more →