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tanong lang po…

baket ang mga biyahero at biyahera laging may ribbon sa kanilang mga maleta? Tignan nyo 🙂 palatandaan ba ito or fashion? yung mga maleta ko nilagyan ko ng pink na ribbon to make sure na madali ko silang makikita pag nasa airport na, at natuwa naman akong sobra nung makita ko yung ibang bumabyahe na ganun din ang ginagawa. Uniform… Read more →

One week down, two more to go!

Been in the Philippines for a week now and summing the first 7 days that passed, I’d say it’s AWESOME!!! Nothing beats the feeling of being surrounded by my love ones and there’s no way that anyone will be able to take away the excitement in my heart whenever I am with them. So let me share my family’s trip… Read more →

School’s Over, Hello Summer!

Another successful year in teaching had finished, another batch of students will go to the next level, and another road will be taken for adventure. Thank you Lord for this wonderful year that You let us survive it with flying colors. I will never ask for more than seeing all my kids pursuing their dreams and putting more confidence in… Read more →

This surely made my day

Two more weeks and we’re going to end the school year. Hoorah!  And as a part of assessing the students’ knowledge on what they have learned for the whole year, final exams were given beginning this week till 7th of July. As I check the exam papers in Algebra, I was awed with laughter when I encountered one of my… Read more →

Golden Eyes

My patience had been paid off yesterday when my makeup lot had arrived. My happiness was overflowing that I can’t stop smiling as I see them all. Many of my friends commented that I have too many makeups to use but little did they know, I’ll use them as souvenirs to some of my friends and family when I go… Read more →