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Sihanoukville, A Perfect Destination for Beach Lovers in Cambodia

Last weekend, all the staff and teachers at Cambodia International Academy were treated for a 2-day beach fun at Sihanoukville, the top notch beach destination in Cambodia. [ad name=”adsense-left 180×150″]The trip started at 7:30 with a bumpy bus ride matching with ear splitting Khmer music which made most of the passengers delirious on the way. I felt actually sick within… Read more →

Boat Race at CIA Campus

Before we started our school year, we had a good understanding that our lessons must be incorporated with local Cambodian traditions to help the kids get a better understanding why these traditions are celebrated. During November, Cambodians look forward in celebrating Water Festival where millions of people gather in the city to watch the colorful boats and fireworks at night.… Read more →

Korean BBQ

We’ve been going to a new restaurant called Korean BBQ for quite some time now. It’s located at the top floor of Sovannah Mall and they have different types of meats for grilling. You can choose from plain or marinated pork, beef, and chicken. They also serve seafood for those who are not into meats and a hot pot mix… Read more →

I’m ready for work

I’ve set the study room and all my stuff a few days ago. Done with my cooking adventures (for a while), and now I’m feeling good to start work 🙂 a little signage on the door – it’s really quiet in here once you’re inside, minus Aiken because she’ll mess you up when you gave her the chance to sneak… Read more →