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Steve Jobs Dead at 56

Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs died at 56, announced Wednesday. Jobs who had suffered a rare pancreatic cancer finally lost in the battle. Many hearts will surely be sad after hearing his death for I am sure in some way or another, Steve Jobs have touched their lives through his innovations like iPod and iPhone. Let us admit it, the world… Read more →

Creative Facebook Timeline

Two weeks ago, Facebook launched their newest look through timeline. However, this is still unavailable to many until first week of October, I think. For those lucky ones who used Facebook’s developer app, they managed to enjoy it’s prime beauty – just like me πŸ™‚ The new timeline design gives you many ways to showcase your creativity and define who… Read more →

Legend Cinema Cambodia

At long last, there’s a decent English movie house here in Cambodia that will not only cater the locals but expats too. Yoohoo! Legend Cinema is actually causing stir in the city since it opened yesterday to the public. Many locals are actively participating in Legend Cinema’s Facebook forums, expressing their excitement about the newest happenings in the movie industry.… Read more →

First Ebay Loots

After being a member of Ebay for two years, it’s only now that I have been enjoying its beauty. And talking about beauty, I decided to collect and complete a vanity box that has complete sets of makeup for all occasion πŸ˜€ For my very first loots, I have ordered 9 Maybelline mascaras of different sorts, Mac golden pigment eye… Read more →

A New Concept in Eyewear

Lately, I’ve been so hooked with online shopping. Mainly, I am looking for makeups. I’m not being vain or anything but I feel that I am a bit behind in terms of grooming and looking at my makeup collection, I think I’ve been so minimalist! Then I found my solace in the comfy website of Ebay! With its wide choices,… Read more →

From Wimax to Fiber Optic

It’s been a week since our internet connection became intermittent.There’s no way that you’ll be able to check mails and stuff online because the connection’s so bad that it goes on and off every now and then. Ezecom – our internet provider suggested that instead of using wimax, which is our current connection, we’d better switch to fiber optic as… Read more →