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Boat Race at CIA Campus

Before we started our school year, we had a good understanding that our lessons must be incorporated with local Cambodian traditions to help the kids get a better understanding why these traditions are celebrated. During November, Cambodians look forward in celebrating Water Festival where millions of people gather in the city to watch the colorful boats and fireworks at night.… Read more →

Canon Pixma Solved My Problem

Hubby came home tonight seeing me work on my children’s practice exam papers. Since I was too busy writing questions in preparation for their quarter exams next week, I couldn’t pay attention to what he’s saying when he entered my study room. Then he left. The next thing I knew is his carrying a big box of Canon Pixma! This… Read more →

The World I am Living In

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of NMEDA. All opinions are 100% mine. Looking at a different perspective, the world is full of uncertainties. I am saying this because not all humans have the same conditions in life. Some are perfectly normal but they do not have enough money to spend for their daily expenses. Some… Read more →

Plants vs Zombies

New Year new game! To keep myself out of boredom (is it really boring or I am just saying it to make an excuse to do something else? lols) I downloaded Plants vs Zombies a couple of nights ago. It was my sister Chele who mentioned and got addicted with this game first. She works with Dell in the Philippines… Read more →

BarCamp Phnom Penh

BarCamp Phnom Penh is coming soon! Yehey! I wasn’t able to join last year as I thought I don’t belong in a ‘geek’s world’ but now it’s different. Nestle gave me the link earlier and asked to register, which I did without any hesitation 😀 It’s going to an exciting conference for a newcomer like me. There will be topics… Read more →


Nestle’s family is going to US very soon and of course they will miss us terribly. One way to enjoy their stay there is to have a good communication and eventually, find new friends. I found some chat zones that would be helpful for them to be familiar with places.  Ohio chat lines contains interesting topics you can join. This… Read more →