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Whenever I think of Goths I always end imagining people with dark eyes, wearing black clothes and they normally look a bit scary because they don’t smile a lot. But I am mistaken, I never knew that they are one of the coolest pips on earth and they are imply the same like us. Whatever they wear is just part… Read more →


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Free Business Cards

Don’t let yourself be taken advantage of free business cards. I understand that everybody wants to have great deals with every single thing that they purchase and obtaining free business cards could be one of them. But the question is, are you willing to risk your business’ image just to save a few bucks? Business card is an important tool… Read more →

Reliable Web Hosting

There are many people now a days that are very interested in having their own blog or website. Thus, to be able to do this, you will be needing reliable webhosting that will surely cater your needs. Someone who will be to the rescue in times of crisis. I found an answer for those who are having problems with their… Read more →

New York New York

with energies on the top level selected K3 & K4 students of Cambodia International Academy (CIA) performed the most awaited dance for the Children’s Day on May 23, 2009! to the tune of New York New York the students gave all their best to dance gracefully in front of the hundreds of parents and visitors who attended the programme. the… Read more →

WordPress 2.7 Beta 1

I have upgraded my wordpress to its latest version which is the 2.7 and I find it fascinating! The new version is user-friendly and the features are more lovely. The new visual design provides the best experience in Firefox and Safari. Though it may have several glitches in other browsers it’s still good for me. I am still browsing for… Read more →

i found this application in the internet through a friend and it’s useful as i can see. it contains most of the applications that i use all at once like – gmail, yahoo, facebook and aol so i dont need to connect to them one by one, yihee!!! ang cute pa nung mascot nila, mukang pagong na kulay green! it’s… Read more →