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What’s Up

It’s been a while since I last blogged and did I miss it? Hell yeah! Nothing beats blogging when you’re inspired! However, in my case it’s different.Work and other stuff had eaten me alive and there’s no way I can have extra time to check my blogs. Bitterness aside, all is well! Family’s happy and work is great – that’s… Read more →

tanong lang po…

baket ang mga biyahero at biyahera laging may ribbon sa kanilang mga maleta? Tignan nyo 🙂 palatandaan ba ito or fashion? yung mga maleta ko nilagyan ko ng pink na ribbon to make sure na madali ko silang makikita pag nasa airport na, at natuwa naman akong sobra nung makita ko yung ibang bumabyahe na ganun din ang ginagawa. Uniform… Read more →

One week down, two more to go!

Been in the Philippines for a week now and summing the first 7 days that passed, I’d say it’s AWESOME!!! Nothing beats the feeling of being surrounded by my love ones and there’s no way that anyone will be able to take away the excitement in my heart whenever I am with them. So let me share my family’s trip… Read more →

Xiao Xiao

I have totally forgotten to blog about this restaurant that we went to last time. Along Monivong Blvd. there’s a small Chinese restaurant that serves delicious soft shell crabs so the whole family decided to try it for a change. Xiao Xiao is one of the famous Chinese restaurants here in the city, their food is good and the price… Read more →