Feel Good Sunday

I feel good today because: I was able to see the bright sky. I felt the warmth of the sun on my skin. I attended church and renewed my covenants to Him. I taught little kids at Primary on how to choose the right. I ate lunch with my children whom I adore most more than anything in the world.… Read more →

I love Pho’od

When I first arrived in Vietnam way back in 2005, my parents introduced me to the country’s most famous noodle dish –> PHO Since then, I grew affection to this nice, savory noodle dish.┬áDuring that time, you can enjoy a large bowl of pho for only 7,000 dong which is roughly $.50 in US dollars. I can go for days… Read more →

10 Tips to Beat the Summer Heat

It’s officially summer now and the heat is on! Day by day, you’ll hear many people complaining the extreme heat we’re all experiencing now. It’s just too HOT and it’s really dehydrating. The sun’s heat scorches everyone’s skin and the feeling is just annoying. But what else can we do, it’s nature we’re dealing with. Before our heads get hot,… Read more →


Are you a foodie like me who loves to try new and affordable places? Well, I’ve got good news for you! There’s a new Tex-Mex place in town that you should try and it’s called iViva! located on Sisowath Quay, just in front of Titanic Restaurant. They serve Mexican and Khmer foods, where you can have a wide range of… Read more →

My New Love

There’s only one true love I have in my heart and of course you guys knew him already. On the other hand, that doesn’t mean I cannot have any more than one, right? There’s a saying “The more, the merrier!” And keeping that in mind makes the world go round. But before you think of any hanky panky there, let… Read more →

My Funny Valentine

As years pass by, Valentine’s is getting more and more commercialized here in Phnom Penh. It may not be a holiday in the country, but I’ll say it’s more than that. It’s getting bigger and fancier! You’ll see flower vendors in almost every street corner and even the youngest students in the school goes home with a flower in tow… Read more →

Random Chinese Proverbs

Since I can still feel the warmth of Chinese New Year (warmth in the sense of not having many students in the class :P), I thought of scribbling some Chinese proverbs would be fun after I finished my semester plans. Using an old ang pao, I cut it into different parts where I can get the beautiful print outs and… Read more →