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Dominos Pizza in Cambodia

Calling all pizza lovers in the Kingdom of Cambodia! Dominos Pizza is now open in Phnom Penh! January 22, 2015 marks the grand opening of Dominos Pizza located at BKK1 on Street 51 (Pasteur) corner of Street 288. We came there past 8PM and boy, the store was crowded with a lot of people! The queue was long and the… Read more →

Vacation Here I Come!

2 more weeks and I’m off to my most awaited time of the year – vacation! hooray!!! After 10 months of hard work with my students, we finally reached the end to reap the fruits of our labor. Yes, it’s sad to think that my favorite students will not be in my class anymore but I know that they’ll be… Read more →

Phnom Penh Demolition

Loud pounding noises woke me up this morning. Startled where the noise is coming from I looked out of my window and saw hundreds of men wearing green shirt, hammering the small houses in front of the building where my whole family live. Immediately I called Nestle to witness the commotion and cover the event. It’s my first time to… Read more →

family vacation

ang saya ng naging bakasyon ko sa pinas and now it’s my family and nestle’s family’s turn to vacay here in cambodia and vietnam! last april 21 we flew from manila going to ho chi minh city, vietnam to have a couple of days vacation at my pap’s crib, we weren’t able to roam much and enjoy the city for… Read more →